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Loving you is my unspeakable pain

Loving you is my unspeakable pain
Other names: 爱你是我难言的痛
Author: Jiuqing Youyue
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


When Lin Lian married Zhan Lian, who was a rich and enemy country, as a poor, everyone said that she had burned Gao Xiang in her previous life to marry such an excellent man, and she thought so too. Then, after one year of marriage, he loved her, spoiled her, and cherished her. She fell in love with him.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Heaven in the first moment, hell in the second
Chapter 2 The Woman Zhan Lian Liked
Chapter 3 Mother-in-law is here
Chapter 4 She’s Pregnant
Chapter 5 Knock out
Chapter 6 Don’t you think
Chapter 7 Escape
Chapter 8 Three months in a flash
Chapter 9 Have we met somewhere

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