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The genius doctor and poisonous concubine are not easy to provoke

The genius doctor and poisonous concubine are not easy to provoke
Other names: 神医毒妃不好惹
Author: Gusu Xiaoqi
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


She is a genius doctor of the 21st century, but she has turned into an unfavored abandoned concubine. The cold-faced prince takes a concubine to disgust her. At the wedding night in the bridal chamber, she actually asks her, the princess, to serve her, wanting to humiliate her, right? Okay! She shook the flag to the head of the bed and shouted: “One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four, change your posture, and do it again.” She wanted to humiliate her, so she was so sick that he wouldn’t lift it. King Leng threatened her, “If you want this king to keep you, you should be honest and obedient.” She smiled, “Master, I have asked the emperor for resignation, and I have found a good father for the child. Don’t worry.” It’s amazing to see how the ugly woman turns into a beautiful genius doctor

Chapter Lists:

Princess casts the lake
Dressed as an abandoned concubine
Medical space
Lord of Cold Noodles
Ugly girl turns into beauty
Li Wang marries a side concubine
The princess is coming
Don’t go too far
The princess has momentum
Sinister concubine
See a ghost?

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