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Pit father-son ghost doctor mother

Pit father-son ghost doctor mother
Other names: 坑爹儿子鬼医娘亲
Author: Sensen
Genre: Novel, Crossing Overhead
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


I heard that Yu Qingluo, the eldest lady of the Yu family, just married into the family, and her husband left her on the wedding night and ran away with her beloved woman. I heard that Yu Qingluo became pregnant somehow after she married into Yu’s family for half a year. I heard…Yu Qingluo was dead, and the child in her belly was burned to death in a ruined temple that leaked from all sides. There was no place to be buried. It’s just—six years later, Yu Qingluo touched the little bit who was standing next to him, snorted, and asked, “I heard that you are dead, do you have the urge to take revenge?” “Why don’t you take revenge? They still said you Dead, and said that you died in a miserable state, and that you stole people, and that you should be immersed in a pig cage,

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Slut, Shentang
Chapter 2 Six Years Later
Chapter 3 How can He De
Chapter 4 This is over
Chapter 5 Where is her son?
Chapter 6 Breaking into the Mansion
Chapter 7 Nobody in the room
Chapter 8 That Woman Sets Fire
Chapter 9 She’s Haggard
Chapter 10 Something went wrong
Chapter 11 What is the problem
Chapter 12 Tricky

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