Power the world

Power the world
Other names: 权宠天下
Author: June
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


[Also known as “Medical Concubine Pours the World” Male Lead: Yu Wenhao Female Lead: Yuan Qingling] A genius medical doctor passed through Cheng Chu Wang’s abandoned concubine. She encountered a severely injured person when she first arrived. She followed the medical ethics to treat, but was almost thrown to prison. The Supreme Emperor is critically ill, she tried to treat her, but was misunderstood and reprimanded by the hateful Poison King. Is it really hard for a good person to do it? Even if this man stumbled her all day long, the most unbearable thing was that he would marry a concubine to disgust her! Poison King said coldly: “Why can you make this king hate you? This king just hates you, and I feel sick at the first glance.” Yuan Qingling smiled and said: “Why don’t I dislike the king?

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Crossing into a concubine
Chapter 2 The Wounded Brother Fire
Chapter 3 The Appearance of the Medicine Box
Chapter 4 The Doctor Doesn’t Save It
Chapter 5 Slap
Chapter 6 Survived
Chapter 7 Self-help
Chapter 8 The Princess Healed Me
Chapter 9 Quack doctor harms people
Chapter 10 Problem with a medicine box
Chapter 11 The Emperor is seriously ill
Chapter 12 Purple Gold Soup

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