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Sweet Wife Rebirth: The President’s Billionaire Bride

Sweet Wife Rebirth: The President’s Billionaire Bride
Other names: 甜妻重生:总裁的亿万新娘
Author: N/A Wang Zi Nana
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


#shock! The Patriarch of the Zhan family secretly married a mysterious woman! #Certain blog is in an uproar, thousands of girls threw the wall and vowed to dig out the woman. Su Luo shivered with fright: It’s all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! #burst! The Patriarch of the Zhan family has married and had children? ! #某博 is paralyzed, 1.3 billion girls are in tears-Zhanheng even has children. What is the woman who has saved the galaxy? Su Luo held the phone, crying without tears, “Zhanheng, you have enough!” Zhanheng got up, pulled Su Luo over, and circled him in his arms: “Don’t be a little more powerful, you run away again.” “But… …” Su Luo had a bad feeling. Sure enough, the man sips

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Sir, are you getting married?
Chapter 2 Why can’t you change the groom?
Chapter 3 This is my sincerity in getting married
Chapter 4 He is the heir of the Zhan Empire? !
Chapter 5 Su Luo, this jade pendant is given to you
Chapter 6 Song Junhao? Beat to death
Chapter 7 Long to come, trash
Chapter 8 How could I betray you?
Chapter 9 Su Luo, I Protect You
Chapter 10 The Spring Festival is worth a thousand dollars, little girl
Chapter 11 Was Luo Luo Deceived?
Chapter 12 Open Face Slap Mode
Chapter 13 With me, she won’t be tired
Chapter 14 The Man’s Mouth Deceptive Ghost
Chapter 15 Feeding by hand or mouth
Chapter 16 He is jealous
Chapter 17 Blame him for not protecting her
Chapter 18 Finding a Man as Assistant
Chapter 19 Failed to Steal His Wife
Chapter 20 Who Dares Not Accept?
Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Warm Scene
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Severe Fractures

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