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The rise of Internet addiction teenager Liu Chan

The rise of Internet addiction teenager Liu Chan
Other names: 网瘾少年刘禅之崛起
Author: love to drink the sweet and spicy sauce
Genre: Novel, Historical Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In the twenty-four years of Jian’an, Liu Chan found a strange door in his bedroom. Since then, he has lived the life of Zhongerfeizhai where he has coke instant noodles with spicy noodles and is addicted to the Internet all day long.

From today, don’t call me A Dou, call me Dou Di Liu Chan!

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Where is this? Internet cafe?
Chapter 2 Brothers, a bowl of instant noodles?
Chapter 3 Can a military teacher trust ghosts and gods?
Chapter 4 Does the young man like this?
Chapter 5 How is this good?
Chapter 6 Adou grew up
Chapter 7 I bought instant noodles in Internet cafes
Chapter 8 The most expensive instant noodles in history
Chapter 9 Haotianxiafanlai
Chapter 10 This Coke can, to confess
Chapter 11 I, Liu Chan is back,
Chapter 12 Ma Di is marked by me

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