What is Jack-O Pose

Recently, Jack-O, a character from the fighting game “Guilty Gear”, swept the screen on Twitter. Because of his very special “colorful” action of getting down on his hips, a lot of netizens started a second creation and many games All female characters imitate this action. And now this action has been called “Jack-O Pose” by netizens

“Guilty Gear”, formerly known as “GuiltyGear”, is a fighting strategy game series developed by Arc System Works. The series was first released on May 14, 1998. The game started a series of struggles centered on the codename “GEAR Project”. The plot of Guilty Equipment is magnificent, and with the version update, the story is constantly being serialized.

Since the criminal equipment Xrd-SIGN-, the game has entered 3D, the character scene models have been completely reworked, and there are many new characters on the scene, giving this series a new life.

Game settings

In 1945, with the end of the Second World War, the United Nations was established, and at the same time, the End War Administration was also established.

In 2010, humans discovered that “magic” can be converted into energy. From that moment on, the scientific age is over. Because of the destruction of science to the environment, people abandoned it and prohibited the production and preservation of all weapons.

In an accidental summoning experiment, people discovered an unknown cell tissue that can parasitize the organism, improve the host’s various abilities, and give the host “magic” adaptability, which means that the host can use it at will magic. It was named “GEAR Cell”. But its discoverer, his name has long been completely erased.

In 2014, “that man” secretly started a secret operation code-named “GEAR Project” with the purpose of “strengthening humanity”. This plan was absolutely confidential at the time. The experiment was successful in animals. In 2016, the first subject of the human experiment “Fredick” was successfully transformed, but he soon escaped from the experiment. “That man” immediately led all the members of the institute to evaporate, as if the plan had been aborted. In fact, “that man” did not give up the experiment. He began to study the “GEAR cell suppression device” that allows the subject to retain the human appearance. Soon, the tragic girl “ALICE” secretly accepted the transformation.

In 2073, the complete body GEAR (JUSTICE body) that obeys human beings was finally born in the hands of “that man”. The forbidden biological weapon “GEAR” was manufactured.

In 2074, a certain advanced country tried to rely on GEAR to suppress other countries. However, at this moment, the leader of GEAR “JUSTICE” led GEAR all over the world, declaring war on mankind in the name of “the existence of race”.