Your Majesty, Empress is on the battlefield again!

Your Majesty, Empress is on the battlefield again!
Other names: 启禀陛下,娘娘又上战场了!
Author:  Da Xinana
Genre: Novel, Action
Release: 2021
Status:  Chapter 966, it looks like it’s not going to end


She is the legend of the Heavenly Soul Alliance, the king of mercenaries with perverted personality, and the world’s first reward for her head. She closed her eyes unwillingly in a conspiracy but opened her eyes in a mountain of corpses in another world. When he met her At a glance, he knew that she was the love of his life. He didn’t want to resolve it. He held her in his palm and accidentally spoiled the sky, shocking the Three Realms. “Your Majesty, it’s okay, the empress has led thousands of god soldiers to level the Shuize Empire and stripped the dragon clan’s inverse scales one by one!” Someone did not lift his head, and gently spit out two…

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1, awakening from the mountain of dead bodies in other worlds.
Chapter 2, The Palpitating Emperor.
Chapter 3, step into the abyss forest.
Chapter 4, the crisis is raging, break into the territory of the beast!
Chapter 5, are all the animals here become refined?
Chapter 6, Are you guilty of retaliation?
Chapter 7, the corpse of the emperor deep in the bottom of the lake.
Chapter 8, just in case to confirm.
Chapter 9, Master, the ball is not a thing!
Chapter 10, No, Da Hei was robbed!
Chapter 11, enter the ancient city in a different suit.
Chapter 12 is extremely popular with women.
Chapter 13, There is such a stupid everywhere X
Chapter 14, Favorability is on the rise.
Chapter 15, Do you know where the toilet is?

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