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Doctor Song, do you have a relationship?

Doctor Song, do you have a relationship?
Other names: 宋医生,谈个恋爱否
Author: Ye Wanan
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Who can tell yourself what’s wrong with this world. When he opened his eyes, in a daze, Luo Yixia actually got the testimony from the male god whom he had a crush on for many years. Obviously yesterday, she was a pure and innocent college student, and today she has become a married woman. The reason is that I am drunk…no, then…just drunk…I am unconscious, but the male god, tell me what is wrong with your face The situation? The cold and handsome male god in the medical school could “marry” so easily? One morning, after Luo Yixia was sober, she gritted her teeth and shouted: “Song Chengyi, you are a beast, you lied to marry, and the old lady wants a divorce!”

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Don’t Regret
Chapter 2 “Just Passing By”
Chapter 3 Drive out of the house
Chapter 4 Seeking Acceptance
Chapter 5 Wipe Your Saliva
Chapter 6 Inducing Crimes
Chapter 7 Who told you I was going to sleep on the sofa
Chapter 8 Legal First Heir
Chapter 9 Sweet and greasy in my heart
Chapter 10 Cohabitation begins
Chapter 11 Merger of New and Old Campuses
Chapter 12 Tragic Shopping

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