First marriage and love: the emperor’s wife is addicted

First marriage and love: the emperor’s wife is addicted
Other names: 先婚厚爱:帝少宠妻成瘾
Author: Ye Weiyu
Genre: Novel, President, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Three years of marriage was like a stranger. She couldn’t bear to file for a divorce until Xiaosan came to her door. Unexpectedly, he suddenly asked her to fulfill her husband and wife obligations after being frosty for three years. Since then, he has been entangled and overbearing, but she has fallen deeply into love. For a moment, he threw the divorce agreement in front of her, “Qiao Jiayin, signed, we will be enemies in the future!” He thought he could forget her for the rest of his life, but when he saw her put on the wedding gown to marry someone else, His heart was cut, but he appeared at her wedding, “Qiao Jiayin, I was absent from the last wedding, this time I will supply you, for the rest of my life, you, only

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Three years of forbearance has reached its limit
Chapter 2 Marry him just to repay
Chapter 3 Acting
Chapter 4 Let her know what a husband is
Chapter 5 The Gentleman and the Devil
Chapter 6 Never begged him
Chapter 7 Start Sleeping Together Tonight
Chapter 8 Don’t want to give him a baby
Chapter 9 The Hostile Step Sister
Chapter 10 Seduce him
Chapter 11 Don’t want to owe him
Chapter 12 Overslept in His Arms
Chapter 13 Help her intercede
Chapter 14 Two Men Have a Feast
Chapter 15 He Doesn’t Want To Hurt Her
Chapter 16 Moving Out of the Villa
Chapter 17 Save her from fire and water
Chapter 18 Si Shengyi Helped Her Cool Down

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