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Grandpa, father, mother is on the hook again

Grandpa, father, mother is on the hook again
Other names: 王爷爹爹,娘亲又开挂了
Author: 325
Genre: Novel, Traversing Overhead
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Once crossing, Ah Bo opened his gold finger and held the book of life and death! Healing illnesses, saving people, fortune-telling and divination, shocking the Quartet! The tragic death of Mengbao’s son? No problem, with a stroke of her Zhubi, Mengbao came back to life! Mengbao’s father will end his life? Don’t be afraid, she takes the wicked person’s longevity and changes her fate against the sky! Is there someone hiding in the dark and making things difficult? She knows the secrets of the world in the book of life and death, and there is nothing to hide from the ghosts! After gaining countless merits, she wanted to get rid of the sick prince and retreat. Who expected the sick prince to reveal his hidden identity and he was actually a mysterious boss! “A Book, the deity loves you to the bone, no matter you go to the end of the world, or go to the sky, you can’t escape

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Take the Child to Find Daddy
Chapter 2 Inshou Palace
Chapter 3 How Can I Get Such a Severe Injury
Chapter 4 He is the King of Shou, Murong Yuanli
Chapter 5 A Book and the King of Longevity Meet for the First Time
Chapter 6 Father and son recognize each other
Chapter 7 The Origin of A Book
Chapter 8 A Book and Shouwang Solo Talk
Chapter 9 Are You Unwilling to Marry This King?
Chapter 10 He saw the most beautiful scenery in his life
Chapter 11 A Book Has a Good Drawing Skill
Chapter 12 The empress dowager is not good

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