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Rebirth of struggle life

Rebirth of struggle life
Other names: 重生之奋斗人生
Author: Flying Snow on Paper
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Back to 2005. When life can start all over again and stand at the crossroads of life again, how to choose? This is a period of past youth, killing Matt, game consoles, marquee, stepping on space, stealing vegetables. Let this life make up for the regrets of the previous life. One cup for past lives, one cup for this life. Set a small goal, first earn it 100 million.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Back to 2005
Chapter 2 Chance to Change Destiny
Chapter 3 is to counterattack
Chapter 4 The First Pot of Gold
Chapter 5 Routine Ye Xin
Chapter 6 Buying a mobile phone to show off
Chapter 7 I can tell the fortune
Chapter 8 The Strongest Support
Chapter 9 Hundred Thousand Hundred Thousand Dollars
Chapter 10 College Entrance Examination
Chapter 11 Meeting is fate
Chapter 12 Beginning to Change

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