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Stunning Concubine: Pluto’s Consort of Genius

Stunning Concubine: Pluto’s Consort of Genius
Other names: 绝色狂妃:冥王的天才宠妃
Author: Silent
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Stunning Concubine: Pluto’s Consort of Genius
Author: Silent Type: Ancient Romance Status: Completed Copyright: Click
Just after crossing, I found out that I was pregnant with a child, and his father was the late God of War. Mu Yunhua said: “I’m not innocent, I can lose my reputation, I can’t keep it if I drag the oil bottle!” Wearing a musk purse with me, I ran into the room of Xiaobaihua’s eldest sister in a blink of an eye. , The half-brother turned into a pool of blood… “Want to kill this king’s child?” The dead ghost prince squeezed her chin and asked, “Kill one, make another pair!”

Chapter Lists:

Nether Marriage Substitute Marriage 1
Nether Marriage Substitute Marriage 2
Nether Marriage Substitute Marriage 3
Nether Marriage Substitute Marriage 4
Hanging on a concubine 1
Hanging on my sister 2
Hanging on the concubine 3
Slamming sister 4
Send to Nunnery 1
Give to Nunnery 2
Give to Nunnery 3
Send Nunnery House 4
A big show 1
A big show 2
A big show 3
A big show 4
Angry Auntie 1
Angry Auntie 2

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