What story does “Defective Products” tell

The animation “Defective Products” started airing today. The protagonist Lin Jingheng’s appearance is so handsome. It is said that the handsome value of the generals has broken through the stars during the battle. There are styles and styles, and it will be broadcast every Friday. So what does the novel “Defective Products” tell? What is the plot of the original “Defective Products”? The following editor brings an introduction.

What does the novel “Defective Products” tell?

At present, the anime version of “Defective Products” has been launched. “Defective Products” is created by the priest. The protagonists are Lin Jingheng and Lu Bixing. It is a long science fiction novel about the future of interstellar.

“Defective Products” framed a whole new era. At that time, mankind has entered into space. After experiencing the genetic revolution of the old ephemeris and destroying the dark reign of super artificial intelligence without framework permissions, mankind has entered a new ephemeris. era. The dividing point between the New Ephemeris Era and the Old Ephemeris Era is the establishment of an alliance in terms of polity, and the establishment of the “Garden of Eden” from a technical perspective. In the place covered by the Garden of Eden, your brain can be connected to any device and artificial intelligence at any time, but in the same way, privacy and freedom are also lost.

Of course, not all humans can fully access the “Garden of Eden” system. This group of people, collectively referred to as “empty brain syndrome,” exiled in the eighth galaxy located on the edge of the interstellar. These “defective products” among human beings walked from the edge of the universe to the front of all mankind in an attack that covered all galaxies. Where is the future of mankind? Perhaps after reading this story, you will have your own answer.

What is the plot of the original “Defective Products”?

“Defective Products” tells the story of the background in the future interstellar world, Lin Jingheng and Lu Bixing lead the abandoned people of the eighth galaxy (defective products), and finally strive for change and freedom.

main character

  1. Lin Jingheng

An honorary graduate of Ulan College, the last general in the league. After feigning death, he rebelled out of the alliance and went to the eighth galaxy to look for the son of his adoptive father, Lu Xin. After getting acquainted with Lu Bixing, he settled in Venus Galaxy City and established the eighth galaxy independent government as the military commander.

  1. Lu Bixing

His biological father was former Admiral Lu Xin. After Lu Xin was killed, his mother fled with Lu Bixing, who was still in her belly. The Starship was intercepted by a one-eyed eagle of the Eighth System arms dealer (also Lu Xin’s old part). Mrs. Lu died, and Lu Bixing was arrested. The one-eyed eagle was adopted as an adopted child.

supporting role

Lin Jingshu

  1. Lin Jingheng’s twin sister, the first beauty in the league. A miserable and abominable complex tragic character. Laura was injected with a semi-permanent soothing agent, and spent the most worry-free and happy time of her life with her brother when she was young. After Lin Wei passed away, the brother and sister were forced to separate and lost their freedom. They have been controlled and used by the management committee. Without relatives and no support, step by step, she became extreme, crazy and cruel, and finally embarked on a path of no return. She cultivated the terrorist forces of the Freedom Army, established a chip empire, and became Lin Jingheng’s number one enemy.
  2. Zhan Lu: Lin Jingheng’s artificial intelligence mecha, one of the ten famous swords (heavy armor).

There are also Elizabeth Turan, Lu Xin, Cyclops, Woolf, Harris (Hope), Mint, White, Vitas, Huang Jingshu, Thomas Young, Poisson Young, Li Fulan, Bayer , Liu Yuanzhong, Laura Gordon, Saturday, Foucault, Weasel, Zheng Di, Nagus, etc.