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Zhenlong Coffin

Zhenlong Coffin
Other names: 镇龙棺
Author: Yu Qi
Genre: Novel, Science Fiction, Suspense
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


On the day Grandpa died, ten thousand beasts worshipped spirits, and Nine Dragons carried the coffin…

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Looking for a Child Against the Sky
Chapter 2 Nine Dragons Carrying the Coffin
Chapter 3 The Old Nine of Plum Blossoms
Chapter 4 The Evil Wind Enters the Orifice
Chapter 5 Red Dome
Chapter 6 Fair Trading
Chapter 7 Rooster Fishing
Chapter 8 Xiaoshan shots
Chapter 9 Red matter and white evil
Chapter 10 The Word of Love
Chapter 11 The Storm Raises
Chapter 12 The Evil Gathering

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