Sweet Farm Wife

Sweet Farm Wife
Other names: 农家小甜妻:腹黑相公宠不停
Author: Yuan Yiyi
Genre: Novel, Crossing, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Xue Shuangshuang crossed over and became a little farm girl in the second room of the Xu family in Baixi Village. There are honest fathers, cowardly mothers, brother Xiaodouding, and a bunch of best relatives at home. Protect the family, fight for the best, buy land and farm to build a house, make a fortune and become well-off. Someone came to propose marriage, and the father-in-law’s child was hot on the bed. But I didn’t expect that the little sheep became a big bad wolf after getting married. Lin Bai, you big liar! What about innocence? All are fake! Fake! What’s more terrible is… the identity of the black-bellied male counterpart does not seem to be simple?

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 A murder caused by an egg
Chapter 2 Xue Ruyi, do you dare to swear?
Chapter 3 Is the money of the uncle’s family more valuable?
Chapter 4 A tael of silver
Chapter 5 Our family are all honest people, can’t tell lies
Chapter 6 Lin Bai
Chapter 7 Do you still have to pay if you save someone?
Chapter 8 Go to Brother Lin Bai’s House to Eat Chicken
Chapter 9 First Talk about Separation
Chapter 10 Dad, you can’t tell them, I’ll come!
Chapter 11 Drinking Old Hen Soup to Supplement
Chapter 12 Grandma, I’m Wrong

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