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The little peasant girl is beautiful and rusty

The little peasant girl is beautiful and rusty
Other names: 小农女她又美又飒
Author: Qiuyeqing
Genre: Novel, Crossing Overhead
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


When he opened his eyes, Lou Zhixia, the boss of the farm, became a little peasant girl who could be bullied by everyone. What to do? Of course roll up your sleeves and do it! Grandma and grandma are unfair, don’t you treat their family as people? Separation! Uncle is unrighteous and always wants to bully + take advantage of them? Don’t think about it! Lingtian in hand, no worries about wealth! Plant elixir, breed rice seeds, open a pharmacy, build a farm! Inadvertently, he was abducted home by a cold face, and declared to the public, “My wife is from the countryside, she is pure and kind, and you must not bully her.” The scumbags who were severely beaten to find fault: Your eyes are afraid. blind! Obviously cruel! Lou Zhixia nodded: Well, she is super fierce

Chapter Lists:

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