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The Return of the God of War: Vest boss is A and Sa

The Return of the God of War: Vest boss is A and Sa
Other names: 战神归来:马甲大佬又A又飒
Author: Jun Jianjian
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


[Female God of War] + [Anti-routines] + [Tuan Chong Ma] + [Shuang Wen Abuse Scum] + [Seven brothers] She saw her mother killed when she was three years old, and was imprisoned for revenge when she was ten! Eight years of fighting, the return of the God of War, the Phoenix Nirvana! Return with honor! She is the greatest dance artist Chill in the history of Xia Guo! She is the Lord of the Holy Gate, the most powerful organization in the world! She is the owner of Yaoshan of the Chinese Medicine Association! She punishes evil and promotes good, kills decisively, hells and kills ghosts, and meets gods and kills gods! Unexpectedly, there are old acquaintances who send their heads to the door directly. “Report to Lord Ares, the Yan family is overjoyed today.” “Go, prepare the coffin, and give gifts!”

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 The boss returns and the third brother is kidnapped.
Chapter 2 Yan Family Banquet, God of War is Coming!
Chapter 3 Kneel down, you bastard!
Chapter 4 Little Beast, do you dare to hit me?
Chapter 5 Control that old thing!
Chapter 6 See what you mean
Chapter 7 A stubborn seed, so bold!
Chapter 8 I, waiting for you to clean me up!
Chapter 9 Leave me a humble life
Chapter 10 It has nothing to do with me!
Chapter 11 Want to die, not so easy!
Chapter 12 No need to dig your daughter’s grave, right?
Chapter 13 So lively
Chapter 14 Don’t Dirty My Car
Chapter 15 I bought a watch last year

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