Uncle Emperor’s Spoiled Spoils: Waste Material Little Doctor

Uncle Emperor’s Spoiled Spoils: Waste Material Little Doctor
Other names: 皇叔溺宠:废材小医妃
Author: Give me a piece of dried fish
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Once through, she was robbed of her innocence, her reputation was lost, and she was forced to marry the pig. Carrying an arrogant little medical system, fighting stepmothers, beating concubine sisters, digging three feet and digging scum. He is the only king who has been given a national surname, and his power is in the hands of the people, but he is indulging in her. “The princess has a blind face and does not recognize the prince. She only distinguishes people by clothes.” “From today, in Yongjing City, no one except the king can wear black.” “The princess opened a clinic in front of the palace, but no one dared. Come.” “Send the Shadow Guards, all go to the front of the house to queue up to see a doctor.” “The princess said that she wants to kill the second prince.” Xuanyuan calmly sent the second nephew to her.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Innocence Destroyed
Chapter 2 The System Is A Little Tsundere
Chapter 3 System Tasks
Chapter 4 Corpse Sore
Chapter 5 Please, Madam Su
Chapter 6 Forty Punishment Sticks
Chapter 7 elder brother
Chapter 8 Marrying a Pig
Chapter 9 Uncle Yi Huang Was Uniquely Born

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