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Group pet princess three and a half years old

Group pet princess three and a half years old
Other names: 团宠公主三岁半
Author: Sanyue Xiyan
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


As a descendant of the Golden Needle family, Gu Hui accidentally passed through and became the little carrot head princess, and found that he could see through people’s hearts. Dad is the emperor, and mother is the concubine with a scheming mind. Using super powers, she has become the emperor’s caregiver, the crown prince’s treasure, and many people’s eyes are thorny. Gu Hui: “I want to be in control of the world. No one dares to provoke me. I like the way they see me upset and can’t get rid of me.” Lu Sharon: “Princess, don’t worry, they are all killed by me. Come back for dinner. “Gu Hui:…Oh, here it is. Lu Sharon: I became stronger just to protect you. They all listen to me, but I listen to you. Gu Hui: I have nothing

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 I Can Hear His Heart
Chapter 2 Princess is also a high-risk occupation
Chapter 3 Looking for the Emperor Father
Chapter 4 The Little Girl Looking for Daddy
Chapter 5 The emperor’s father is handsome (revised)
Chapter 6 You are lying to the dog
Chapter 7 Get the name
Chapter 8 The Emperor’s Suspicion

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