Stealth Walker – 玫瑰行者

Stealth Walker – 玫瑰行者
Other name: Mei Gui Xing Zhe
Genre(s): Friendship, Romance, Crime, Investigation
Release: Aug 11, 2021 – Aug 27, 2021
Runtime: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episode(s): 24
Country: China
Broadcast: Youku
Director(s): Shen Rong
Cast: Zheng Ye Cheng, Lin Peng


About a group of young policemen who take down drug organizations.

The play tells the story of Lingnan City Anti-drug Brigade Captain Cheng Ji who was killed during the mission. Police academy student Lin Qiang was mistakenly hit by a drug dealer as a trader. The police took advantage of the situation and arranged for Lin Qiang to hide his identity and start an undercover mission to collect evidence of drug dealers. When sneaking into the Qiu Hu group, Lin Qiang met Zhang Xianhe, the adopted son of the overseas drug lord Ma Hongtao. Lin Qiang had to pretend to be in love with him to obtain information, but also suppress his true feelings. The two had a tacit understanding of Qiu Huhe.

Liu Bing and the two drug lords dealt with each other, but all of this was Ma Hongtao’s plan to use the power of the police to fight against competitors and enjoy the benefits of fishermen. However, Lin Qiang’s identity was still discovered by Zhang Xianhe. Zhang Xianhe was caught in a dilemma. At the same time, the peripheral joint law enforcement teams had to rush to find their hiding place before Lin Qiang was seen through by Ma Hongtao. Lin Qiang’s life was hanging by a thread. What she didn’t expect was that the secret of her biological father was also related to her old enemy Ma Hongtao…

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