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Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 3

Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm
Other names: 余生有你,甜又暖
Author: Jiong Jiang you yao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 1487 Ongoing


Entertainer Lin Yan is notorious for being framed, his lover betrayed, and his career fell to the bottom for a while. But one day, her life suddenly went off: becoming a female number one, appearing on a popular variety show, receiving big-name advertisements… At the same time, some unbelievable things often happen to her, and she has no memory of it. Until one day, she met a mysterious and powerful man, this man still knew everything about her…

Chapter Lists:

Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm Volume 2
Chapter 1487 You Bring Money, I Bring You
Chapter 1488 Replace
Chapter 1489 You Are You
Chapter 1490 Not changed at all
Chapter 1491 A Person Who Loves You
Chapter 1492 Spend the rest of your life together
Chapter 1493 Advance and retreat together
Chapter 1494 Little ancestor is gone
Chapter 1495 Harm others
Chapter 1496 I am your ancestor
Chapter 1497 Upset balance
Chapter 1498 Coax the kids
Chapter 1499 Join hands
Chapter 1500 Much Better Than Him
Chapter 1501 Combat Effectiveness
Chapter 1502 Strange and Strange
Chapter 1503 The One You Are Looking For Is Me
Chapter 1504 Hunter’s Guild President
Chapter 1505 One foot horizontally
Chapter 1506 I can’t take any of them
Chapter 1507 is quite shameless
Chapter 1508 Can’t Beat It At All
Chapter 1509 Mu Family
Chapter 1510 Who is as stupid as you
Chapter 1511 He Is Very Valuable
Chapter 1512 I am indeed a genius
Chapter 1513 Let’s Continue
Chapter 1514 Tied up for money
Chapter 1515 The most beautiful in the world
Chapter 1516 You are right
Chapter 1517 Lame neuropathy
Chapter 1518 Mountain and sea think tank
Chapter 1519 Mental attack
Chapter 1520 Save people
Chapter 1521 I’m sorry brother
Chapter 1522 She is a mother
Chapter 1523 Be a waste
Chapter 1524 Clone No. 23
Chapter 1525 Do me a favor
Chapter 1526 A tool
Chapter 1527 Let you be a grandpa
Chapter 1528 The prison is opened
Chapter 1529 Fight side by side
Chapter 1530 The Holy Lord is here
Chapter 1531 There is a proposal
Chapter 1532 Just like telling the truth
Chapter 1533 Expensive hobby
Chapter 1534 Buying
Chapter 1535 The Voice in the Mind
Chapter 1536 family is the most important
Chapter 1537 I want to surrender
Chapter 1538 My Honor
Chapter 1539 real truth
Chapter 1540 Can Be Bright
Chapter 1541 Rescue Wang Jingyang
Chapter 1542 Must Live
Chapter 1543 Enlightenment
Chapter 1544 Calculations
Chapter 1545 There is still hope
Chapter 1546 Discover the key
Chapter 1547 I Believe In My Comrades
Chapter 1548 Complete the mission
Chapter 1549 He Came To Repay
Chapter 1550 Humanity
Chapter 1551 Let’s Disappear Together
Chapter 1552 Unblock the third seal
Chapter 1553 Disappear together
Chapter 1554 has evolved halfway
Chapter 1555 Concealing The Truth
Chapter 1556 Fit
Chapter 1557 We join hands
Chapter 1558 Can still play like this
Chapter 1559 You Are Not The Holy Lord
Chapter 1560 The story is a bit long
Chapter 1561 Feel It For Yourself
Chapter 1562 The goal is the same
Chapter 1563 The son belongs to you, and the daughter belongs to me
Chapter 1564 I won’t hurt her
Chapter 1565 What’s the difference?
Chapter 1566 Dog?
Chapter 1567 Fortunately you are okay
Chapter 1568 I restored my memory
Chapter 1569 It’s quite reasonable
Chapter 1570 It was originally earned for her
Chapter 1571 I ran after I was teased
Chapter 1572 Give dad a chance
Chapter 1573 I kiss my son
Chapter 1574 Breaking the news
Chapter 1575 Leave tens of billions of property
Chapter 1576 Take me away too
Chapter 1577 Is there someone outside?
Chapter 1578 Kind of nostalgic
Chapter 1579 Re-emergence?
Chapter 1580 The most dazzling dawn
Chapter 1581 Yeva Will Participate
Chapter 1582 A flower in the racing circle
Chapter 1583 Inquire about news
Chapter 1584 Can you stop it?
Chapter 1585 They may not be happy
Chapter 1586 Group visits
Chapter 1587 Battered vest
Chapter 1588 Master Awakens
Chapter 1589 Large-scale horse fall scene
Chapter 1590 Daydreaming
Chapter 1591 Is he trying to make money?
Chapter 1592 Put Your Claws Down

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