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Mengbao Assembly Order: Mr. Lu, your nine sons shocke

Mengbao Assembly Order: Mr. Lu, your nine sons shocke
Other names: 萌宝集结令:陆先生,你的九个儿子震惊了全球
Author: An Autumn Leaf
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Mo Xiaodie thought that Lu Chenxu, the drunken goddess who fell to Huada, was the pinnacle of her life. But she didn’t expect that after falling down on the male god, she magically gave birth to nine babies. The rare nine-tuplets in the world were trafficked by Ye Lanlan with ulterior motives just after the full moon. Seven years later, King Mo Xiaodie returned, killing decisive abusers, looking for children, and falling in love.

The eldest grandson of Lu family (Mo Xiaodie and Lu Chenxu children) (1) Lu Zizhong, (2) Lu Zili, (3) Lu Zixun, (4) Lu Zita, (5) Lu Ziqian, (6) Lu Zibai, (7) Lu Zidu, (8) Lu Zimo, and (9) Lu Ziran.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Everything is just an accident
Chapter 2 Revenge
Chapter 3 Finding Momo
Chapter 4 Dessert Chef
Chapter 5 The Wonderful Cake
Chapter 6 Yuanjia Road is narrow
Chapter 7 Cruel scum
Chapter 8 Mother and daughter talk
Chapter 9 Things back then
Chapter 10 Amusement Park
Chapter 459 The antidote is only half studied
Chapter 706 Little girl lying (Story about their kids become adult starts from here)
Chapter 707 Farewell to Wang Qiyi
Chapter 708 Farewell to Wang Qier
Chapter 1116 Will they meet again?
Chapter 1117 Luo Yongmu is drunk
Chapter 1118 Meet an acquaintance
Chapter 1119 There is a problem with Lu Zili
Chapter 1120 Why do they say that?
Chapter 1121 I Know If He Is A Man
Chapter 1122 Don’t wear the bracelet he gave you
Chapter 1123 Ferret out Lena
Chapter 1124 I am willing to let you call
Chapter 1125 Something happened to Bai Yizhi
Chapter 1126 You Dare To Move Me, You Will Die Without A Corpse
Chapter 1127 Locked position
Chapter 1128 Remembrance, You Must Live
Chapter 1129 Boss, Do You Remember Gu Nuanyu? (Boss mean Da Boa or older brother (Lu Zizhong))
Chapter 1130 Grandma Has Accepted The Marriage
Chapter 1131 Hou Gang was arrested
Chapter 1132 Memories are gone
Chapter 1133 You Are The Boss Of This Family
Chapter 1134 You go find your grandma to break the marriage contract
Chapter 1135 The Showdown Between White Lotus
Chapter 1136 I don’t want him to suffer in the future
Chapter 1137 Wedding is going on
Chapter 1138 Su Haochu, Long Time No See
Chapter 1139 Remember to contact often
Chapter 1140 Momo fainted
Chapter 1141 Momo is pregnant with quintuplets
Chapter 1142 Murong Ling
Chapter 1143 Have You Thought About Marrying Him
Chapter 1144 Dudu decides to go to the hospital
Chapter 1145 How does Luo Zhenghua like her?
Chapter 1146 I don’t need you to intervene
Chapter 1147 Luo Yongmu vomits blood
Chapter 1148 Encountered Luo Zhenghua
Chapter 1149 Vixen met an opponent
Chapter 1150 The truth is often cruel
Chapter 1151 Open the knot of Bai Yizhi
Chapter 1152 Bai Yizhi Lu Zili receives the certificate
Chapter 1153 Comrade Lu, Be Careful When You Speak
Chapter 1154 Condemning Lu Chenxu
Chapter 1155 Luo Zhenghua asked me to drink
Chapter 1156 Luo Zhenghua’s Pain
Chapter 1157 The older the less serious Lu Xiaocao
Chapter 1158 The boss shouldn’t dislike girls!
Chapter 1159 Are you going to go on a blind date or marry Gu Nuanyu?
Chapter 1160 Wang Hengzhou Pursues Lu Ziran
Chapter 1161 Forced blind date
Chapter 1162 Gu Nuanci is back
Chapter 1163 Gu Mingfeng, I’ll See You Once in the Future
Chapter 1164 Lu Zizhong’s Lost Soul
Chapter 1165 Shoot yourself in the foot
Chapter 1166 Liu Meiying makes a fuss at the hospital
Chapter 1167 Liu Meiying detained
Chapter 1168 You Don’t Blame Dad, Are You?
Chapter 1169 Doing Things At Grandma’s Birthday Banquet
Chapter 1170 Gu Nuan’s Ci, we are very destined
Chapter 1171 Gu Nuanci turned out to be the little girl back then
Chapter 1172 Big Brother Has a Girl I Like
Chapter 1173 Is it to let go, or to seize the love
Chapter 1174 He must have an endocrine disorder
Chapter 1175 Big Brother Wants To Do Something
Chapter 1176 Who Are You?
Chapter 1177 Lu Zizhong, I Want To Marry You
Chapter 1178 So I’m waiting for Gu’s family here!
Chapter 1179 It’s not impossible to continue the marriage contract
Chapter 1180 I want to Gu Nuanci
Chapter 1181 She Will Promise to Marry Lu Zizhong
Chapter 1182 Xiaoci has nothing to do with your family
Chapter 1183 Will He Ask Me To Marry Me?
Chapter 1184 Big Brother, I like you too!
Chapter 1185 Yes, I like Xiao Ci
Chapter 1186 Big Brother Is Not a Commodity
Chapter 1187 Gu Nuansheng confessed
Chapter 1188 Gu Nuansheng fell into the water
Chapter 1189 Big Brother, Marry Your Sister!

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