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Tsundere President Sheng Chong’s Wife

Tsundere President Sheng Chong’s Wife
Other names: 傲娇总裁盛宠妻
Author:  Mrs. Black Cat
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Good people are harder to do than evil people. So the villains in Ben Thanh are everywhere. Song Wu is the little villain, so Shen Jian is the great villain standing on the top. Song Wu was careful to be a wicked man, but was arrested the first time he said bad things about Shen Jian. Standing behind Song Wu, Shen Jian teased: “Boss Song, I’m not short-sighted. Look

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Money and power can do anything wrong
Chapter 2 A Man with Desire
Chapter 3 The more you think, the more guilt
Chapter 4 Still a yellow girl
Chapter 5 I bear
Chapter 6 I didn’t let you go
Chapter 7 Meeting Song Wu
Chapter 8 Five million as compensation

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