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Immortal bite

Immortal bite
Other names: 仙噬
Author: Decadent Smoke 121
Genre: Novel, Wuxia Xiuxian
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The mysterious and vast starry sky of the universe has never lacked geniuses. However, when the most heavenly Devouring Spiritual Root appeared, all geniuses could only be eclipsed. You are a genius? The root of the earth? Tian Linggen? Look at me swallowing your spiritual roots, genius becomes useless! Relying on the devouring spirit root against the sky, Han Feiyu worked step by step, working hard to get closer to the top of the heaven! ! !

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Coming
Chapter 2 Encounter in the Hole
Chapter 3 Fate
Chapter 4 Make up for
Chapter 5 Devouring Spiritual Roots
Chapter 6 survived from death
Chapter 7 Ultimate Spiritual Root
Chapter 8 Flying Magic
Chapter 9 Domineering Sword

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