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I unlock a new profession every week

I unlock a new profession every week
Other names: 我每周解锁一个新职业
Author:  Gentle
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status:  Chapter 596 Ordinary people Ongoing


Unlock the profession-food stall owner, reward 10 Tomson first-class! Unlock the profession-courier brother, reward a Bugatti Veyron worth 43 million! Unlock career-bar resident singing, reward 30% of Penguin Group’s shares! …Since then, the magic city has a legend of driving a sports car to set up a stall and deliver takeout as a courier. Since then, countless girls have become his little fans. Girl: “I love him not because he is rich, but because he is very inspirational in driving a sports car with one hand to deliver express delivery!”…

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 This can be done!
Chapter 2 The Art of Barbecuing!
Chapter 3 A group of students pretending to be poor!
Chapter 4 Su is always really trenching!
Chapter 5 What car? Tricycle?
Chapter 6 The tortoise-in-law who fell from the sky!
Chapter 7 Too naive and ignorant!
Chapter 8 Do local tyrants still need accessories?
Chapter 9 It’s purely for free!
Chapter 10 Get a Licking Dog and Get Married!
Chapter 11 I am your brother too!
Chapter 12 The brain supplement ability is too strong!
Chapter 13 The aunt is the sweeping monk going down the mountain!
Chapter 14 Don’t engage in formalism!
Chapter 15 Don’t change your daughter!

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