What is a Check Valve and why is it important?

A check valve, also known as a non-return valve, is a device in the water system. It serves to control the flow of water in one direction. Prevents water from flowing back when the water pump stops. Used to install in conjunction with a water pump. This prevents water from flowing back into the pump when the water is not turned on. If the water flows back into the pump, it will cause the system to malfunction. leading to improper service life. In general, there are 3 types of check valves that are commonly used in Thailand: spring check valves. swing check valve and spring foot valve

1. Swing Check Valve

It is a water blocking type valve. Let the water flow in one way. Can be installed only horizontally The function of this type of valve will be automatic That is, the water will flow through the valve in the direction that the water flows in. But if the pressure of the water flows back The inside of the tongue is immediately blocked. Quality check valves must be made of quality brass. to prevent rust will last a long time.

Swing Check Valve

It is used to prevent a reverse flow of water in the pipe. The casing is made of high quality bronze that has a mixture of 85% copper. The cap of casing and the valve are produced by hot forging, which can be compared to products from Japan. All parts are made of high quality bronze in order to prevent usting throughout the period of usage. Every piece of merchandise is checked for seepage and leakage before sales.

2. Spring Check Valve (Full Bore) (Spring Check Valve – Full Bore)

Spring check valve is a water blocking type valve. Let the water flow in one way. The operation of this valve is automatic. Water will flow through the valve in the direction it flows in. And the valve’s sip will block as soon as the water stops to prevent damage to equipment and pipes from the back impact of the water. Suitable for water pump systems which can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Spring Check Valve is appropriate for water pumping system, which can be installed in both horizontal and vertical direction. It allows one direction-water flow. The valve will be closed by spring power in order to protect the equipment in case of water hammer.Every piece is passing quality control system before delivery. We guarantee our Spring Check Valve is one of the best “SANWA” products.

3. Spring Foot Valve

It is a back-flow valve with a spring system. with stainless steel sieve Helps trap various sediments not to flow into the pump and store water in the pipes Helps extend the life of the pump.