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Refining gas for 100,000 years

Refining gas for 100,000 years
Other names: 炼气十万年
Author: Spoon
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


One hundred thousand years ago, he was a disciple of the Tianlan Sect, his master soared, and he was refining qi. 90,000 years ago, his nephew soared, and he was refining qi. Fifty thousand years ago, the old dog of Tianlanzong guarding the door also soared, and he was still refining qi. Thirty thousand years ago, the old tree under the mountain also became a demon. He was still refining Qi. Ten thousand years ago, Zhang Wuji, the nine-thousand-second generation disciple of Tianlan Sect, also ascended, and Xu Yang quietly refined Qi. He was in retreat for 10,000 years, and in the end, he broke through the ninth and ninety-ninth floor of the Qi Refining Period! Ten thousand years later, he broke through

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 One Hundred Thousand Years of Refining Qi
Chapter 2 Your son was killed by me
Chapter 3 Slaying the Golden Core with One Sword
Chapter 4 Extinguish the Cloud Mountain Sect
Chapter 5 I’m really just a refining period
Chapter 6 Li Wei, torture the golden core
Chapter 7 Three Months of Condensed Golden Core
Chapter 8 Ling Xu Dan
Chapter 9 Old Ancestor Xu

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