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Little Jiao Niang of the Hou Mansion Chapter 3

Little Jiao Niang of the Hou Mansion Chapter 3
Other names: 侯府小娇娘 卷三
Author:  西柚
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Meng Yunqing realized that her grandmother and elder aunt were worrying about her marriage.
Frequently created opportunities for her and Wei Tongrui to get along, and wanted to send them together,
But before she had time to express her position, the matter of the two governments discussing marriage spread in Beijing. Duan Minxuan regarded Wei Tongrui as his love rival, and fought with others at the wine table.

I don’t go home after the Chinese New Year, and I just live in Hou’s mansion without treating myself as a guest in the least. Not only will he please his grandmother, but also make the old man laugh,
I can also find a chance to stay with her to watch the fireworks, and even more so, I kissed her without her consent!

[Bean] From then on, the rogue became more intimate with her, treating her yard as his study room.
[Bean] At this time, there was news that she was the orphan of a criminal official, which might cause the emperor to taboo.
[Net] The matter of discussing relatives is gone, and the court officials even felt that the Hou Mansion was going to be ruined.

It’s just that something that should be very serious and dangerous can be easily solved in his hands.
He disclosed her real-life experience-the old Xuanping Hou’s granddaughter who lived outside,
Her status soared into the sky in an instant, and she was abducted by him to go home to see her parents…

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