Second marriage must marry the prince

Second marriage must marry the prince
Other names: 二婚必须嫁太子
Author: looking back in the snow
Genre: Novel, Urban Novels
Release: Unknown
Status:  Chapter 0619


My grandmother is scheming, and my father is far away in the frontier. There is also a stepmother of the eldest princess who forcibly married her father and killed her own mother. This stepmother calculated to marry a Zhongshan wolf again, and was forcibly infused with medicine to cause miscarriage. Yan Nangui took over such a mess after crossing over. I don’t know where to start better, but the first thing must be to leave! Does the man pick up in this garbage keep it for the New Year?

Then there is revenge. Don’t even try to run any of these dogs. But how to bring down a princess is a problem.
Yan Nangui’s eyes slowly focused on the old man on the dragon chair… She didn’t mind being a little sister-in-law for this dog stepmother. His Royal Highness, the old man’s son, turned out to be: Come with me, your stepmother will kneel and kowtow to you sooner or later.

The prince was so charming that he led the geese to the south and bent his waist. If your vicious stepmother is a princess, how can you bring her down? That is directly into her natal family! Take that damn old emperor down from the throne!

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