Group pet cub belly black father

Group pet cub cub belly black father
Other names: 团宠崽崽腹黑爹
Author: Summer
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In a paternity test, the father of the child in Chu Mingyue’s stomach became an anonymous person, and finally he was chased by wealthy ladies! In order to raise children and seek a living, she gave birth to three children, but one of them was snatched away! Chu Mingyue’s life has gone from ordinary to a bloody road. In order to avoid the conspiracy of the scumbag, she entered the wrong room and finally saw a young man who looked exactly like her son! Chu Mingyue is holding the child and preparing to escape, but the man casts a net to chase marriage! “Woman, you are self-inflicted, it’s time to get married!”

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Child Father
Chapter 2 Proposal
Chapter 3 Hide from me?
Chapter 4 Strange Dialogue
Chapter 5 Finding Identity
Chapter 6 The True Colors of a Scumbag
Chapter 7 Looks Too Like
Chapter 8 Children
Chapter 9 Meeting with Parents

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