Pastoral Beauty Little Girl

Pastoral Beauty Little Girl
Other names: 田园美妆小娇娘
Author: Qingbao
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Once through, Lin Pingting turned from a high-level beauty expert into a little maid. Facing the start of hell, she hugged Orion’s thigh tightly. “You marry me, I will make money for you to support the family.” “But I am lame and have scars on my face.” “It’s okay, I don’t care!” From then on, she took the system and worked as a makeup girl for beauty, wholesale medicinal materials, and rascals. , The days wind and water rise. Suddenly one day I found out, hey, how can my man walk so fast, so handsome!

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Handsome help
Chapter 2 Return You 30 Pigs
Chapter 3 The Four Walls
Chapter 4 Going to Town
Chapter 5 She Can Makeup
Chapter 6 Earn 100 Wen
Chapter 7 Night Lavender and Ganoderma lucidum
Chapter 8 First Purification
Chapter 9 Makeup Trying

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