Faculty of Business Administration Finance and Banking

Study of analysis, planning and control of finances. Various corporate financial management systems of partnerships, companies, state enterprises, credit management Role and importance of financial markets financial institutions and businesses both at home and abroad This will give you the skills to analyze financial feasibility. of companies or agencies, both public and private Knowledge of business unit risk analysis and management and manage their own finances Have knowledge and ability to analyze securities Securities group management as well as various derivatives.


  1. Completion of general high school Or vocational or equivalent from an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education
  2. There is intelligence in tackling
  3. To analyze the rationality
  4. able to adapt to the economic situation. Society and politics
  5. Able to perceive new science and technology well.
  6. Should have good basic knowledge of mathematics and English.

Career path

Finance graduates can choose from four main career paths:

  1. Banking
    , Financial Analyst
    , Credit Analyst
    , Feasibility Analyst. Analyst
  2. Corporate Finance
    Financial Officer Financial Officer
    of government and private sector
  3. Securities and Investment Banking (Securities and Investment Banking)
    Securities Analyst
    Investment Banker
    Derivative Trader
    Derivative Analyst
  4. Fund Management
    Fund Manager
    Derivative Fund Manager
    Investment Advisor
    Financial planner