Master’s Xiaojiao Shark

Master’s Xiaojiao Shark
Other names: 师父的小娇鲛
Author: The arm is in prison
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Fantasy Romance, Pretend to be a Pig and Eat a Tiger. Once in the Eastern Continent, there was a sea country similar to Atlantis, where many beautiful mermaids lived. They were beautiful and gentle, and they were rich and romantic. However, because of the cuisine, the country was destroyed and dragged away to cook [not! It’s part-time job! 】This is a story about a female protagonist at the bottom of the food chain, who just wants to live by salting fish, embarking on the road to the recovery of the sea [by the way]. Xiangli was trafficked as a slave when he was very young, but was accidentally bought back as an apprentice by the genius swordsmith of Beiyi Kingdom… However, Wei Si: Xiangli, when you grow up, Master can’t protect you forever.

Chapter Lists:

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