Madam Huo, can’t mess with it

Huo, Madam can’t mess with it
Other names: 霍爷,夫人惹不得
Author: Wen Shi
Genre: Novel, President Rich, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


[Vest + sweet pet + strong men and women + pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger] Miss Gu, who has been raised in the countryside since childhood, is back. Everyone waited and watched a joke: What can an uneducated country girl have? What? Harvard’s youngest professor, the world’s top hacker, the chief boss who has contracted half of the entertainment industry, the top game god, the world’s chief designer… the sound of slaps in the face is really loud! In the past, countless fans of the new movie emperor were chasing after him, and then there was a romantic confession by the distinguished little prince of M. A certain big man: “Three days, I want them all to go bankrupt!” Turning around holding 999 roses, kneeling on one knee: “Woman,

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Counterattack, Glorious Return
Chapter 2 Just repay your savior like this?
Chapter 3 What is the origin of this mysterious man?
Chapter 4 Revisiting the Home
Chapter 1336 One-handed all night
Chapter 1337 Who Will Not Be Moved?
Chapter 1338 Find the insider
Chapter 1350 Ji Cenzhang is from the Mu family!
Chapter 1351 Do it, catch people up
Chapter 1352 Then go crazy with you
Chapter 1691 As long as she lives
Chapter 1692 I’m Sorry
Chapter 1693 Wedding eve
Chapter 1694 Grand Wedding

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