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Bribed ex-wife

Bribed ex-wife
Other names: 收买前妻
Author: Ziwen
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


“Fate is Fun” Broken Mirror Reunion Edition! Cold general manager vs. silly ex-wife

Qi Peisheng, the heir of the Qi family, the general manager of Qi who acted swiftly and resolutely, I like a woman in college until now, and I am also liked by another woman until now, When his beloved got married, he simply took the order of his parents to marry the woman who chased him after a young boy.

The wedding ring is someone else’s size, the wedding is a prenuptial agreement, and the honeymoon is a husband who doesn’t go home. She thought she would be so angry that she would flicker away, but she wrapped a red thread around her body and wore it on her hand to show her determination. Since then, Mrs. Qi has been like an undead cockroach, cooking, waiting for the door, and asking for warmth.

Not only can he turn a blind eye to his ice cube face, but he also has a bright smile on his face, Until, when he was going to the United States on a business trip but was misunderstood by her that he was going to meet his old lover, the two had a big fight. She cried and asked him not to leave, let her play a wayward, but he gave her a cold push, still going abroad, When returning to China, after a natural divorce, he unexpectedly fell into a coma and ended his life——

It should be like this. The strange thing is that he did not pass away, but was trapped next to the flesh in a state of astral. He saw that she cried for him like a child, and said: You finally got rid of me, and you can’t get up to celebrate!
It was also discovered that they had children before, but they were “pushed” by him before he went abroad. After this experience, he suddenly felt that he would not let her go… Fortunately, he seemed to be sober…

Dear: Love cannot be forced, but it can be pursued, and this time, I was really chased by you…

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