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Husband so sweet

Husband so sweet
Other names: 夫君如此多娇
Author: Mei Beier
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


Li Meiman did not expect that she would just take an elevator to get off work. And as soon as I crossed, I witnessed the murder in the street and was caught by the murderer. I thought it was sad enough to be the bride of the river god in the novel, but I turned out to be even more miserable──

The Murderer was afraid that she would leak the secret, so he forced her to stay nearby and monitor her.
Unexpectedly, this man who is even more beautiful than a woman is actually the cousin of today’s sage,
Wouldn’t it be because of being a relative of the emperor, thinking that no one would dare to deal with him if he was murdered and set on fire? snort! She must let everyone know his true face…

Yan Shengyang was ordered by the emperor to perform the task but was accidentally hit by the little girl. Only then was she forced to take her by her side. Unexpectedly, she looks like a book boy, and she has “secret skills” to help him. What’s more surprising is that pretending to be a black face and scaring Xiao Nizi has become his latest hobby!

Chapter Lists:

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