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Jian Bao Yin Yang pupil

Jian Bao Yin Yang pupil
Other names: 鉴宝阴阳瞳
Author: Shuzhong Night Talk
Genre: Novel, Jian Bao
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Roles: Qin Ming, Chen Ba


[City + Perspective + Jian Bao + Shuang Wen] He is a blind man and accidentally obtained the eyes of Yin and Yang. From then on, he sees Yin with his left eye to discern life, and his right eye to see Bao; but he deliberately hides his stunts and runs as a blind person. The city makes a fortune; wealth, beauty, and fame come one after another, making him overwhelmed; the world makes fun of him as blind as a dog, and he only laughs at the world with no eyes.

Chapter Lists:

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