The true dragon emperor 1

The true dragon emperor 1
Other names: 真龙天子 上
Author: Ziwen
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


Dad said that for the emperor, the society is the first and the love of the children is the last. But his father didn’t do it at all, just thinking about his fierce mother. In fact, this is not surprising, his father is not interested in the throne at all. At the beginning, he deliberately pretended to be an incompetent lord, and was even taught severely by his mother as a thief.

Who knows, because of this, Dad thinks that the mother’s spirit of courage to see righteousness is worthy of appreciation. I prefer my mother’s frankness and want to keep her by my side, However, although Dad wanted to stay away from the struggle, he asked himself to stay away from the capital, The uncles still sent assassins to kill people for their power,

Fortunately, his mother bravely shielded his father from the knife. She also said that she believed that Dad would be a good emperor and would always be by his side to support him, I was so touched that Dad won the throne without disappointing my mother’s expectations,

The two of them thought they could live a happy life, Unexpectedly, someone made a fuss about the ominous rumors of twins. In order to save his mother, brother and his life, his father separated a family of four…

Chapter Lists:

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