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The true dragon emperor next

The true dragon emperor next
Other names: 真龙天子 下
Author: Ziwen
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


In order to let parents stay and fly early and live a happy life, Naturally, his filial son must clear up the government earlier and assist his twin brother to ascend to the throne. In order to achieve the goal, the first thing to do is to exchange identities with Wen Wen’s prince brother, In order to prevent the assassination of the foreign princess in the name of false and relatives,

But surprisingly, this woman was actually the girl he had saved when he was a child. And she seemed to recognize him, and she was merciful. However, this still cannot reduce his defense against her,

But she didn’t know which muscle was wrong, she knew he was using her, But still, persuade her people for him, let him go on the expedition, Even more sleeplessly, taking care of him who was seriously injured and returning to camp, and even promised him to return safely,

At this time, he finally understood a little bit of his father’s mood back then. And her tenderness also made him quietly moved. Even if he denies the fact that he is tempted because he is worried that a powerful minister will use her to threaten him, After knowing that she was sent to the sky jail, he still robbed the prisoner at any cost…

Chapter Lists:

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