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Ascetic Dao Zun’s Other Sets Collapsed Again

Ascetic Dao Zun’s Other Sets Collapsed Again
Other names: 禁欲道尊他人设又崩塌了
Author: Orange Flavored Cat
Genre: Novel, Pure Love
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Role: Ye Heng, Ye Hengchu


On the night of the rainstorm, the wet Huafan knocked on the door of the Daoist master Ye Heng, clutching Yeli’s small face and crying and accusing the Daoist people of chaos and abandonment.
Ye Heng promised to take him back to the sect to punish the scumbag, but he didn’t want to practice abstinence and gradually fell in love with the delicate and helpless little fairy.
The arrival of Huafan shocked Daomen.
Dao Master’s pupils quake: “Why is it him again!? He is a notorious evil demon who kills people like hell, and he is very good at pretending to be pitiful!”
Ye: “I know. Don’t worry, I will take good care of him to correct evil and return to righteousness.”
Taoist Master: “You said the same twenty-three times before…”
Amnesia Ye: “Really.”
The scumbag is actually himself…?

Chapter Lists:

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