Jiao Niang is full of money

Jiao Niang is full of money
Other names: 娇娘钱满窝
Author: Dill
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


It is said that marriage is destined, he who suffers from face blindness to women, She alone recognizes her with all kinds of financial strategies…

Traveling to ancient times, with a prime minister’s father supporting him, Qiao Xin was not afraid of anything.
She regained her previous life, published gossip magazines, and everyone was rushing to buy them.
While the money was rolling in, it also attracted the gossip, King Yi, to come to the house to settle accounts.

As everyone knows that the account was not calculated, she found a big backing because of this.
Knowing that she can speak foreign languages, in order to ask her to translate the books brought back from overseas, he took the lead in offering sweetness. A friend of the United Nations teacher caught the cousin who cursed her at home by the villain and sent him to prison;

Seeing her making engraving and printing, he provided the required talents and materials and provided the other hospital to act as the printing factory. I thought the two were just partners, but he didn’t expect him to confess to her and even kiss her. Who knows that she hasn’t sorted out her feelings yet, so she should come to the door first if it is troublesome…

Chapter Lists:

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