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Thousand Faces Little Jiao Niang

Thousand Faces Little Jiao Niang
Other names: 千面小娇娘
Author: Mien
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


No matter how many faces she changed, the figure already imprinted in her heart, he would never admit it wrong.

As a former princess, the restoration of the country is Yun Chuxia’s lifelong mission…Come on!
She was so poor that want to hire a killer to get rid of the Regent no way, now only thought is to make money,
but because she has to save people, stand sits a big trouble, no matter how she was turning, how to change the place of work, will be less Chu The injury recognized,

this guy is quite capable, points out the identity of her former and posterity, but is willing to keep it secret, and also offers her a job, she simply responds, stays with him as a female guard, and assists him in investigating serial murders The case, who would have thought that the case has not been investigated, but she first learned the news of a thunderbolt on the blue sky…

Chapter Lists:

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