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Definitely Not Today – 今天不是最后一天定

Definitely Not Today – 今天不是最后一天定
Other name: No Park For Young Men, Jin Tian Bu Shi Zuì Hou Yi Tian Ding, Gong Yuan Mei You Nian Qing Ren, 公园没有年轻人, Today is not the last day
Genre(s): Romance, Life, Youth
Release: Sep 15, 2021 – Sep 17, 2021
Runtime: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episode(s): 8
Country: China
Broadcast: Youku
Cast: Leon Leong, Vivienne Tien


Mi Chong is a young man with crippling social anxiety. He is so unsatisfied with his miserable existence, which mainly involves staying at home all day, frozen with fear about social interaction, that he finally decides to end his life. He heads down to a nearby river, intent on committing suicide. But when he sees a young girl named Zhi Liu in the river, about to drown, he instinctively dives in to save her.

Little did he know but Zhi Liu has also been through a very rough time. Unlike him, she is an extrovert, but her tumultuous family life has taken its toll on her, and she wants to get away from the people who have caused her pain. An unlikely friendship develops between these two individuals, despite their polar opposite personalities – but could love also follow?

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