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Blockchain X Bitcoin Insight 1

Blockchain X Bitcoin Insight 1
Other names: 
Author: Coinplug CEO Junseon Eo interview
Genre: IT business
Release: 2018.01.05
Status: Ongoing


Bitcoin is just the beginning

A collection of interviews with CEO Junseon Eo of Coinplug, a first-generation block chain company in Korea and a company with the source technology for Bitcoin. Let’s hear the true meaning of ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain’ from CEO Junsun Eo, who leads Coinplug, a company that ranks second in the world for the number of blockchain technology patents such as blockchain-based personal authentication technology and content copyright management technology.

He is opening up a new financial ecosystem where everyone can participate and everyone can make direct, person-to-person transactions in a decentralized system, away from the existing centralized and closed financial system. It makes you think again about the monetary value of Bitcoin, which is accused of being a ‘Ponzi scam’, and you can draw a concrete picture of the usefulness of virtual currency and the world that blockchain technology will change.

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