The Hot-Blooded God of Wealth

The Hot-Blooded God of Wealth
Other names: 热血财神
Author:  Picking Peaches
Genre:  City-Brain Hole , Novel, Action
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Roles: Chen Youcai, Zhou Xiaoqi


17 years ago, Beixuan Xianzun Chen Beixuan and his wife Jiang Churan encountered a powerful enemy in the immortal realm. When they were in danger, they sent their three-year-old son back to the earth with secret methods…

But I don’t want the young son to stray into the wolf pack, and die forever…

17 years later! The United States and Britain engage in colonial plunder globally, trying to dominate the world? The Japanese want to discharge nuclear wastewater straight into the sea? The alien super fleet is going to colonize the earth? …

Chen Youcai will teach them how to be individuals.

What? Some are not people?

Then kill them all!

This book is invincible, often funny, very cool…


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