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Fast-crossing host A bursts the audience

Fast-crossing host A bursts the audience
Other names: 快穿之宿主A爆全场
Author: Youdu Granny
Genre: Crossing, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Quickly Crossing Host A Bursts the Whole Scene”

As a female boss who only has work in her mind, Gentle once thought that she would never meet the true love in this life, but when a man was lost because of her, she realized that that man was the love that she wanted to protect all her life. . In order to retrieve the spirits of the three thousand worlds scattered in Qinhui, she actively bound the system and opened a long journey. In the fantasy of the system, Gentle is the weak little wife who was pressed by the boss, but in reality, she pressed the man under her body to molest her!


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