Peerless Lord God

Peerless Lord God
Other names: 绝世主神
Author: Yunyang Wutian
Genre:  Martial Arts
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Shenzhou Continent is a continent respected by martial arts. In this continent, strength represents everything. Strength is fairness, strength is justice, strength is axiom, and strength is heaven. However, if you want to have powerful strength in the mainland of China, you must have spiritual veins. Without spiritual veins, you can’t cultivate. At the same time, the level of spiritual veins determines your talent, potential and development prospects, and spiritual veins can generate veins. The strength and type of soul, pulse soul determines a person’s direction. Liu Yiheng was speaking out in a remote town on such a continent, to see how he broke his soul from a natural death, full of


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