Metropolis: Super Heir

Metropolis: Super Heir
Other names: 都市:超级继承人
Author: Mr. Feng Yu
Genre: Fantasy
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


In order to marry his beloved woman home, Su Chen pieced together to raise enough The 500,000 betrothal gift is ready to finalize the marriage. As a result, the mother-in-law temporarily increased the fare by 200,000 when we were greeted, and the fiancée also had to pay 100,000 for boarding, 100,000 off for the bus, and 100,000 for changing the fare. This made it more difficult for him, who was not wealthy, to step down. When faced with such a greedy family, Su Chen was reluctant to consider the day of his great rejoicing. He just wanted to vent his anger. However, the appearance of a luxurious team brought things a turn for the better and his life. Earth-shaking changes have taken place!


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