A 15-year-old boy wants to measure the length of GG

The doctor pulls out the entire bundle of USB cables from the urethra

“Urology Case Reports” pointed out that in order to measure the length of his lower body, a 15-year-old boy in the UK actually stuffed a whole bundle of USB transmission lines into the body from the urethra and was unable to take it out by himself. In the end, a doctor performed an operation to solve the problem. In the future, there may be sequelae of urethral injury and repeated infections.

According to the “New York Times” report, the boy repeatedly tried to take it out on his own without success. He was not taken to the hospital with the assistance of his family until he began to have a lot of hematuria. Medical staff in the emergency room found through X-rays that the location of the transmission line could not be removed with ordinary tools, and immediately transferred the boy to University College Hospital London for treatment.

At that time, the boy asked his mother to leave the inspection site, only to admit that he was curious about the length of his lower body, so he inserted the transmission line from the urethra to measure. Because the transmission line has a metal connector longer than 1 cm at the head and tail, it cannot be removed from the urethra. Finally, the doctor cut the boy’s penis and the muscles around the scrotum through an operation, and then cut the connector and took it out. Then the remaining line was successfully pulled out from the urethra. in vitro.

Although the boy did not develop any abnormalities after the operation, he was discharged on the second day and returned to the clinic after 2 weeks without any problems. However, the male medical consultant Amr Raheem said that inserting a foreign body into the private part may cause a series of complications, including Urinary tract injuries, repeated urinary tract infections, etc., and mentioned that spread through social media, more and more people are beginning to engage in this kind of behavior, “sounds like a strange tendency.”

Suggest that you don’t do it. bad luck may lose a bag. This is still confused. How can you stuff it in so long to the end? Plus the charger head. The penis is not the same as the vagina Even if it’s a vagina, don’t do it.